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Welcome to my personal webpage.  If you are curious about my biophysics research please go to my lab site

From 2007 - 2009 I was a Pappalardo Postdoctoral Fellow in the MIT physics department with additional support from an NIH K99 Pathways to Independence Award (if you are applying for a K99 check out my blog post for advice).  I worked with Alexander van Oudenaarden studying the evolution of cooperation using sucrose metabolism in yeast as a model experimental system (go to paper here).
Before starting my postdoc I did a three-month science policy fellowship at the National Academy of Sciences studying science education at the undergraduate level with the Board on Science Education. My time at the Academies convinced me that relatively modest changes to the way that we teach can significantly increase student learning (article by Carl Wieman in Physics Today).

I graduated in December 2005 with a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, Berkeley with financial support from a Hertz Graduate Fellowship. My research was in experimental single-molecule biophysics in the laboratory of Professor Carlos Bustamante (mostly in collaboration with the Cozzarelli lab).  My primary research was in the study of twist and torque in single DNA molecules.
I also enjoy hiking, tennis, volleyball, economics, politics, and reading.  In my (very limited) free time I am also trying to retire the penny. If you are looking for a good book to read (especially non-fiction), check out my books page.

Jeff Gore
Assistant Professor

Department of Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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13 - 2008
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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